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Set 1
Cotton, paint, MDF, projector
Dimensions roughly 360 x 300 x 150 cm

This installation is comprised of hand-sewn uniforms, a hand painted floorboard, and a handmade modular MDF structure based on a digital drawing. The objects all sit on top of a super-matte navy floor with hand painted lines, inspired by traffic lines or a sports field. These lines act as symbolic rules and ideologies that are at the base of our social structures.


As elements and graphics that determine the choreography of public spaces, they act as the playing field for this installation. The bleachers-structure merges the notion of the spectator of a sports game, with a curved form more familiar to seating within a Congress or assembly. As the governing bodies for the systems of ideologies that lay beneath, this modular MDF structure can be assembled and dis-assembled, unfixing them from any specific location, time, or body.


Combined with the raw MDF surface that makes a direct reference to its origins as a digital drawing, this piece makes a nod to the universality of ideology, governance, and standardized materiality. Finally, the two matching uniforms reference teamwork, collectivity, and the interconnections formed by individuals despite social ideologies.

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