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Foedus amphictyonum
Cotton, paper, vaseline, dental floss 

This installation features handmade uniforms, a role of red paper, and a wall piece where a uniform has been pressed between two sheets of acrylic. Each uniform includes a Greek letter embroidered using dental floss, and is soaked in Vaseline, giving it a weighted, wet, greasy feel. Using Greek letters that are present in statistical modeling, the work references ideas of standardization, data, and metrics that govern society today, merged with notions of populations, teams, and institutions that are referenced by the series of uniforms. With the use of materials like Vaseline and dental floss, these ideas are re-ignited with visceral, human, hygiene elements that bring conceptual approaches towards populations, back down to the level of the human body. Placed either along the red paper-path, or arranged as a wall piece within acrylic sheets, the uniforms situate themselves within a landscape of decoration and performance.

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